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Always alone - Chapter forty two.

Chapter forty two.


“You ready to go?” I ask Grace as I step off the last stair and walk into the living room.

“Yeah, there’s three to look at today, hopefully we’ll find something quickly so we can be out of here as soon as possible” Grace says standing to her feet.

“Yeah hopefully” I agree, feeling absolutely rotten inside for lying to her.

It’ll all be over soon, soon Grace will know, soon we’ll no longer be on speaking terms.

I head towards the front door grabbing my leather jacket and a pair of boots having just got changed out of my work clothes.

“We’ll see you in a bit” Grace says to Harry as leans against the wall watching us get ready to leave.

“Ok, have a nice time I guess” Harry shrugs allowing his eyes to skim over me for perhaps a little bit too long.

“Yeah see you” I nod calmly as I try to ignore his lips held tightly between his teeth as his eyes lock with mine.

Grace pulls the front door open stepping outside into the surprisingly cold autumn air as she unlock the car door.

I turn to leave glancing over my shoulder to close the front door, as I do so Harry catches my eye and blows me a kiss.

Rolling my eyes at is pathetic level of cuteness I shut the front door laughing lightly as I approach the car.

He’s so funny at times, the way he can come across so cute and in love almost how you’d expect and young girl to act when she gets her first ‘boyfriend’.

“You seem in a good mood” Grace says with raised eyebrows as she starts the car and pulls out of the driveway.

“I’m just excited for New York” I shrug casually, it’s partly true as I am really excited so it’s obviously effecting my mood to some degree.

“When do you leave?” Grace asks.

“In about a months’ time” I say reaching over to turn the radio on.

“Aw I’ll miss you being all alone in our flat” Grace pouts.

“I know I’ll miss you too Gracie” I reply with an equally sad expression. It’s true I will miss her, I’ll miss her a lot because by the time I leave our relationship will be over.

“Does it bother you that I work with Harry and his father?” I ask Grace after silence had fallen between us for the past five minutes or so.

“Umm I guess not, like really I just feel like it will be awkward for you. But no I don’t mind, Alan’s a lovely man and Harry’s not bad either we’ve just fallen out of love I suppose” Grace shrugs her face seeming blank and emotionless as she continues driving down one of the main roads in the city centre.

“Like if anything I worry that you’ll feel awkward but just try not to let my personal circumstances cloud your judgment or anything” Grace continues.

If anything it’ll be my personal experiences and relationships that could my judgement.

After another ten minutes or so of driving we arrive at the first apartment building.

When we step into the lobby the estate agent is already waiting for us.

“Hello Grace and Alisa, is it?” The middle aged woman asks.

“Yes, hello” Grace Smiles and I give her a welcoming smile and nod.

“I’m Melisa and I’ll be helping you on your journey to find the perfect home” She grins as she walks towards the lift pressing the button.

“So the first apartment is actually under your price range, it needs a little work but the location is ideal so it’s worth the effort” Melisa tells us as we enter the lift.

“You’re on fourth floor too which is nice really, not too high up but not ground level either” She continues.

Melisa leads us out of the lift and across the corridor to the door numbered 14, she turns the key and opens the door for us.

The rooms are empty and the walls are plastered but need painting.

The floor is laminate which honestly I don’t like, I think we’d have to change that.

Melisa leads us around giving us a running commentary as she shows us around the apartment.

The kitchen needs replacing as its outdated and honestly looks like It’s probably all broken anyways.

The bathroom seems okay but the tiles are a ugly yellow and orange design which actually makes me feel a little queasy.

There’s two decent sized bedrooms with rather large windows.

“I’ll give you two a moment to discuss” Melisa smiles before leaving the room.

“Well?” I ask Grace raising my eyebrows slightly in anticipation.

“No. I hate it, there’s too much to do and I just don’t have the time to completely re-model right now” Grace sighs shaking her head before leading me back out of the room to meet Melisa.

“We don’t feel this is the right apartment for us, perhaps we could go straight ahead and view the next one” I smile politely when Melisa asks for our verdict.

“Certainly, that’s fine. If the two of you would just like to follow my car that’d be easier” Melisa nods leading us out of the apartment and locking the door behind her.


“I’ll just give you two some time alone” Melisa smiles before walking into the kitchen.

The second apartment is lovely, the walls are painted a light cream colour, some of which are wallpapered a beautifully light floral pattern.

The floors are dark hardwood and every room has massive windows letting in beautiful streams of light.

The furniture is minimal but actually pretty ideal for the two of us, although it’s actually only Grace that’ll be living here.

The kitchen is newly fitted and so is the bathroom.

Surprisingly the apartment is right in the middle of our price range as its located just outside of the city centre instead.

“I love it” I smile at Grace hopefully.

“Me too” Grace grins glancing around the bedroom we’re currently stood in.

“This seems perfect doesn’t it” I add.

“Yeah” Grace nods pacing over to the large window and looking out at the view.

“Are you ok?” I ask carefully as I step over to stand beside her.

“I just never imagined having to do this” Grace stutters a little.

“I never thought I’d have to find another home, I though Harry and I were forever y’know” She says her voice cracking a little as if she’s about to cry.

“I know Gracie, I know” I say softly not really being able to think of many comforting words.

“Ever since I lost Caleb it all just went downhill really, we grew apart we both grieved but we grieved on our own. We didn’t find comfort in one another and not being able to have another child clearly just made things worse” Grace says wiping the few spilled tears away.

“What were you like before Caleb, if you don’t mind me asking?” I say drawing my eyes away from her to look out into the distant city view.

“It was casual then, we weren’t even officially together but then I got pregnant and Harry said we’d make it work. I moved in with him, we became a proper couple, I could feel our feelings for one another growing day by day. But then when we lost Caleb everything just shattered and slowly distanced back to how we were in the beginning” Grace sighed.

To me it seems they we’re never a real couple, it was never serious, never true love. It was an accidental pregnancy covered up by a quickly brought on relationship that was then torn apart by the tragic loss of their child.

“Maybe you’re better off this way, maybe you can move on and grieve properly now” I suggest pulling Grace into a comforting hug.

“I hope so” Grace smiles softly.

After a couple of minutes we leave the bedroom and tell Melisa we’d like to rent the apartment.

Grace sings a check for our down payment and hands it over to Melisa with a wide excited smile on her face.

Melisa tells us to come to her office within the next couple of days to sign all the official paperwork.  

Meaning Harry and I will have to break the news within the next few days before we sign anything so the apartment isn’t in my name too, considering I won’t be living there.

Grace and I head home talking about our plans for the new apartment all the way home as we drive.

When we get in Harry has cooked dinner and left it on the kitchen counter for us with a note explain he’d gone to meet some friends.

I can’t help but feel a little disappointed by his absence, but overall I’m thankful because he’s giving me more alone time with my sister while she’ll still actually want to be around me.

We eat dinner in silence and Grace excuses herself halfway through with a worried expression on her face saying she feels tired and wants an early night.

Once I’ve finished my dinner I clean the pots up and settle down on the sofa watching the few episodes of friends that are currently playing.

After the first episode I go upstairs to change into pyjamas, when I reach the top of the stairs I’m pretty sure I can hear crying.

I want to go comfort Grace but knowing my sister she probably wanted to be alone right now, when we were younger she used to go to her room and lock the door if she was really upset.

Also I can’t help but feel completely hypocritical whenever I comfort her about Harry, as this is all my fault.

Harry’s poem


You make me feel at home,

We could be anywhere and with you wrapped up in my arms I’d be home.

I’d be happy, I’d be warm, and I’d be comfy.

I’d be safe, I’d be sane, I’d be home.

When you’re around all I see is you,

All I am is yours.

With you I feel love,

Love is the strongest most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced.

Love is you.


Authors note —- thank you all so much for reading, I love you soooo much. 

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I went to go visit my grandma today, she’s sick I think I’ve mentioned that before. So like that took priority over the chapter. But I’m home alone all day tomorrow so I’ll get it written and uploaded then, hopefully it will be a longer one than usual too. Sorry for the slight delay xxxx

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Always alone - Chapter forty one

Chapter forty one.


“Morning” I smile widely at Grace as I take a seat on the sofa beside her.

“Morning” She replies sipping her coffee.

“You still wanting to go looking for flats this afternoon?” I ask casually as I bite into my slice of toast.

“Yeah if that’s ok with you? I just want to be out of here as soon as possible, try and move on and forget y’know” Grace nods her expression forming a slight frown.

“Yeah I completely understand, you’re never going to feel ok while you’re living in the same house” I say giving her a sympathetic smile.

I can’t help but feel like a complete and utter bitch, here I am sat giving her advice, encouraging her to move on and helping her find somewhere new to live when little does she know Harry’s lips were pressed in-between my thighs just an hour ago.

Its Wednesday morning and we’ve being home for two days now, both days have being very normal seeming. We’ve gone to work, had dinner and the only changes are the noticeable tension between Grace and Harry and the fact that Harry’s sleeping in the guest bedroom, well that’s what Grace thinks anyways.

“Alisa are you ready?” Harry asks entering the living room dressed in his usual work attire with a brief case in hand.

“Briefcase?” I question with raised eyebrows as I sip the last of my morning coffee.

“Yeah, we’ve got a major meeting this morning about our plans for America” Harry says instantly reminding me of how important today was.

“Oh yeah, of course I can’t believe I’d forgotten” I laugh standing to my feet and carrying my pots into the kitchen.

“I’ll see you later Gracie, once we’re both home we’ll go look at apartments” I tell her leaning to kiss her cheek briefly as I grab my handbag and blazer.

“Bye sissy” She smiles giving me a brief wave.

“See you later Grace” Harry smiles politely.

“Bye” Grace mutters not looking up to meet his eyes.

“Thank you for being nice to her” I tell Harry once we’re in the car.

“It’s ok, not that I’m getting any kindness in return” He sighs starting the engine.

“Well this is much easier for you, you’re happier without her. She hasn’t moved on yet” I tell him resting my hand on his thigh as the car pulls out of the driveway and onto the road.

“I think we should tell Grace within the next few days, that way you won’t have to make any payments on flats or anything” Harrys suggests.

“Yeah I guess so, I’m just so worried. I don’t think I’m ready to lose my big sister” I sigh.

“Maybe you won’t, of course she’ll be mad at first but maybe eventually you can re-build your relationship” Harrys says reaching out to take my hand in his.

His fingers link with mine delicately as he uses his other hand to steer the car along the main road.

“I doubt that, but I can hope and dream I suppose” I shrug deciding to push all thoughts of losing Grace out of my head and try to focus on being happy for the next few days until I cause everything that I’ve ever called a family smash and fall apart around me.

Harry parks the car and climbs out before lightly jogging round to open my door.

“Thank you” I smile softly stepping out of the car to stand beside him.

“Welcome” He laughs lightly inching his lips closer to mine.

Harry’s lips press to mine delicately before parting and wrapping his arm around my waist.

“Come on love, we’ve got a busy day ahead of us” Harry grins leading my inside the building his arms still wrapped around me protectively.

Once we’re in the lift Harry pulls me closer once again to press a final kiss on my lips.

“I’ll see you in about half an hour for the meeting” He murmurs resting his forehead against mine.

“Bye” I smile kissing his cheek before beginning to step away.

“I love you” Harry murmurs softly as he drops my hand from his intertwined fingers.

“I love you” I reply softly before the lift door opens and I step out onto the floor.

I try to force the giddy smile off my face as I walk towards my office.

“Morning miss” The secretary smiles as I walk along the corridor.

“Morning, do I have any messages?” I ask politely stopping to talk.

“Just that Mr.Styles would like you right away Miss. All your mail is on your desk already” She smiles politely.

“Thank you” I nod before entering the office.

I dump my bag on my chair and scan over the mail, there’s nothing too important so I’ll attend to it after this morning’s meeting.

Opening the office door again I make my way down to Alan’s office.

“Morning Mr Styles” I smile closing the door behind me.

“Morning Alisa, please take a seat” Alan says not looking up from his computer screen.

“Have you got everything prepared for this morning’s meeting?” Alan asks looking up and giving me a brief welcoming smile.

“Yes Sir, all the paperwork is printed and ready to be singed and all the presentations are loaded onto this memory stick” I smile handing him the memory stick.

“Fantastic, now there’s going to be a lot to discuss today so can you call Louise form the canteen and ask her to prepare a full cart of beverages both hot and cold as well as some light snacks, preferably breakfast things like muffins and pasteries, fruit. Things like that” Alan elaborates using several hand gestures.

“Of course Sir, I’ll come back once it’s time for the meeting so we can head down together” I inform him before standing to my feet and silently exiting the office.

Alan and all of Harry’s family were still not aware of Harry and Graces break up, I’m not sure when he’s planning on telling them but I suppose it will have to be soon. Gemma is the only person other than Harry and I that know.

I call Louise and explain exactly what Alan had requested and she agrees to have it all ready before the meeting begins. Sometimes I feel Alan rushes his staff and requests a lot of things at last minute, but it seems to work as everyone still manages to do things on time and get down to business.

The next fifteen minutes are spent preparing for the meeting, I then gather the paperwork into a folder and also take a notebook and pen as Alan will want me to make notes for the latest company letters etc.

“Mr Styles, are you ready to leave now?” I say polity after knocking on his already open office door.

“Thank you Alisa, yes lets be going” He grins standing from his seat and following me out of the office towards the lift.

“Louise should have everything ready in the meeting room, the paperwork’s here and I’ll also be taking notes as you requested” I tell him as we stand in the lift.

When we arrive everyone’s already waiting for Alan.

Harry had saved me a seat beside him which is also located next to Alan’s seat at the head of the table.

“Thank you” I murmur quietly as I sit down in the chair.

Harry responds by resting his hand upon my thigh and giving me a gentle squeeze.

Alan begins the meeting and runs through the several slide shows I’d prepared with him over the past few weeks.

“So Alisa and I will be leaving for New York in just over a month, we’ll spend between one and two months there helping set up the business and get everything working as effectively as it does here. Alisa and I have also being looking for candidates to be manager at the new work office and unfortunately we are yet to find one so we’ll be holding interviews when we arrive in New York.” Alan explains to everyone as the all nod and listen carefully.

“Of course while myself and Alisa are away I’ll need someone to take over as acting manager and who better to do the job then my co-owner and son, Harry Styles” Alan smiles turning to face Harry.

Until now Harry didn’t know he’d be running the business on his own for up to two months so he’s clearly surprised but judging by the expression on his face it’s a good kind of surprised.

Alan then provides people with the chance to raise questions and he does his best to answer them effectively.

Once all the discussion is over everyone signs paperwork that shows they agree to the New York plans, this is important as all the people present in the meeting have a high status in the company or some level of ownership.


“I’m just going to miss you so much” Harry sighed pulling me closer to him by my hips.

“I know I’ll miss you too” I pout allowing him to pull me onto his lap.

We’re sat in his office right now, Alan asked me to go down and explain the managing duties so Harry will fully understand what he needs to do while we’re away.

“Two whole months though, that’s far too long. I can barely go two hours without touching you” Harrys murmurs trailing delicate kisses along my jaw.

“I’ll call and skype and before you know it I’ll be back home, in our home” I smile kissing his lips lightly.

“Besides we’ve got another month before I leave, so we’ve just got to make the most of that” I continue running my hand through Harry’s messed up curls.

“Yeah I guess so, let’s just put all thoughts of you leaving out of our minds until much closer to the time” Harry grins kissing my forehead and trailing his hands down my back comfortingly.

“Yeah, just think we’ll have most of the next month together, just you and I. spending time in our house, cuddling, kissing and doing anything we want without being afraid of being caught. Without having to hide” I smile leaning my head against his chest listening to his gentle steady heartbeat.

That’s a sound I’ve grown accustomed to, it shows that he’s here beside me, my reason to carry on. We stay like this for another five minutes or so, just resting in a comforting silence.

“I better be getting back to your dad now, I’ll see you in an hour or so when we go home” I sigh removing my head from his chest as I climb off his lap.

“Ok baby, see you soon. I love you” Harry murmurs standing to his feet to guide me towards the office doors.

“I love you too” I blush standing on my tiptoes to press a chaste kiss upon Harry’s lips.

It’s silly that I still get so giddy and blush like a little school girl every time those three words are uttered between us, but I think it’s because I’ve never felt it before. I’ve never even being close to love.

And now I’m so deep in it, so consumed by love. It’s a little overwhelming at times, but it’s nice. It’s not scary like I’d imagined. If anything it give me more flames, more fire and more heat whenever I’m in close contact with Harry.

Harry’s poem.

Opening up, I’m about to spill it all out.

Change our lives, turn them upside down.

I just hope to God that you don’t leave,

That you don’t see what a mess I can be.

For I’ve confessed it all, my love for you.

You’ve claimed to feel the same way too.

All I feel around you is fire, heat, passion and love.

I’m used to safe and comfort,

I’m used to a lack of romance.

But with you it’s all so different,

It’s all so new.

You’re all that I’m relying on,

I’ve poured my love into you.


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Anonymous: It's not a zayn one... But have you read "teenage dirtbag" and the sequel "the one that got away"??? It is truly amazing!

I haven’t yet but I’ll go and try and find them. Thank you.
Please recommend any one direction fics. Preferably au, bonus points for zayn fics xxx

Can anyone recommend me any good zayn fics on here or Wattpad. Preferably Au I’ve being really into zayn ones recently. Also just any 1D fics in general that are really good :) x

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Always alone - Chapter forty

Chapter forty.


“Just think baby, in a few short weeks we’ll be waking up like this every morning, in our house. Just the two of us” Harry murmurs his fingers playing delicately with my own.

“Yeah that does sound pretty perfect” I smile softly tilting my head slightly to meet his eyes.

“You’re pretty perfect” Harry whispers his lips pressing to my temple quickly before pulling my body even tighter in his arms.

“You’re incredibly cheesy” I tease giving him a light nudge with my elbow.

“You love me for it” Harry says sticking his tongue out like an immature child.

“That I do” I smile back shaking my head a little at his childish behaviour.

“Say it again” he pleads his voice near desperate.

“Say what?” I ask.

“That you love me” He murmurs almost as if he’s embarrassed.

“Ummm I don’t want to lie to you babe” I tease biting my lip awkwardly.

“Don’t be a bitch” He huffs giving me a pout.

“I’m only messing baby” I laugh leaning up to kiss his jaw, not really having the energy to move enough to allow our lips to meet.

“So?” He questions still waiting for me to tell him I love him again.

“I love you” I say my voice clear and full of honesty.

“Good” Harry grins.

“Why’s it good?” I ask.

“Because it’d be no fun being in love with someone who doesn’t love you back. And I’m in love with you” He tells me gripping my hips tightly before picking me up and sitting me on his chest.

“You’ve got a point I suppose” I giggle softly before dipping my head down allowing our lips to meet.

The kiss is soft and delicate, it tastes like fire with a hint of something different, I think it’s love.

“Oi you two lovebirds, everyone will be up soon so I suggest you get your arse out of her room Harold” Gemma’s voice half whispers after she’s knocked on the door a couple of times.

“Gem?” Harry questions.

“Yep silly” She laughs opening the door and walking into the bedroom.

“Oh yeah just walk right on in, we could have being doing anything y’know” Harry teases rolling his eyes a little.

“Well you weren’t so I guess I was lucky” Gemma states with a small smirk quite similar to her bothers spread across her lips.

“Well now you know that can you please leave so I can say good bye to my girlfriend” Harry says his tone quite stern and serious.

“Girlfriend?” Gemma asks the question I was already thinking.

“Yeah, me and Grace ended it yesterday. She wants to keep it quiet until we’re back home though” Harry tells her casually.

“Oh right, well I’m happy for you two” Gemma grins before her expression falls when she sees my confused one.

“You ok Alisa?” She asks.

“Umm yeah” I nod simply.

“You seem a little shocked and uncomfortable” Gemma continues.

“Well actually I am, you never actually said we were together, like boyfriend and girlfriend” I said turning my attention to Harry.

“Oh, I’d just assumed. Well will you be my girlfriend? Oh God that sounded pathetic didn’t it” Harry groans in embarrassment after asking me out very seriously.

“It didn’t sound that bad” I tease.

“And yes I will be your girlfriend” I say my voice much softer as I lightly and quickly press my lips to his.

“Aww you two are just too cute” Gemma squeals giving us a quick wave before heading to the bedroom door.

“Oh breakfast will be in about an hour, we’re giving Maxie his presents afterwards then we’ll start getting ready for the party” She grins before shutting the bedroom door.

“Gemma was right, you better go before everyone else wakes up” I say softly.

“I know” Harry pouts pressing his lips to mine one last time.

“See you later Harold” I tease as he climbs out of bed.

“Oi that’s not even my real name. Gemma just does it to piss me off, Harry isn’t short for anything its my full name” He sighs.

“Ok, Ok keep your panties on Harold” I laugh teasing him further.

“Well form the sounds you made last night it would seem you quite enjoy it when my pants aren’t on” Harry laughs wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

“Just go” I roll my eyes as he pickes up his clothing from the floor and makes a dash out of my bedroom.

I spend the next half an hour laying in bed contemplating mine and Harry’s future.

I think about how Grace and my family will react.

I think about how all of Harry’s family react, I hope they act similarly to Gemma.

 I think about living with Harry, having breakfast in bed, bubble baths, sex in every room of the house, late night walks when neither of us can sleep, cuddles, cooking together, working together, just me and him together.

I think about how maybe Harry will help me move on from all the darkness that’s holding me back.

I think maybe he’ll help make the broken little girl that haunts me go away for good.

After spending half an hour thinking I drag myself out of the large comfy bed and onto the cool wooden floor.

I pad over to the dressing table and attempt to smooth my messy sex hair into a messy pony tail.

I apply some concealer and fill in my eyebrows so I don’t look completely pale and dead when I go down for breakfast.

I then grab my case and find a set of pyjamas, I pull on the soft cotton shorts and simple vest top before grabbing my short satin robe which ended around the same length as my shorts.

Opening my bedroom door I walk over to the bathroom which is thankfully free, I then brush my teeth and check my neck for marks from Harry.

It seems he really did leave his mark last night as several purple bruises scatter across my neck, jawline and collar bones.

I dash back into the bedroom and quickly cover up as much as I can with concealer before deciding having my hair down is probably the best option as it will cover most of Harrys marks up.

I pull the bobble out of my hair and smooth it out as best as I can leaving me with a messy look that appears to have being created simply from sleeping.

Once I’m ready I open the bedroom door before lightly walking down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Gemma’s stood at the counter preparing breakfast.

“Need any help?” I ask shyly as I approach her.

“Oh no, you’re a guest don’t be silly” She laughs.

“Well you said I’m practically family and family help each other out right?” I say giving her a grin.

“You really don’t have to Alisa” She mumbles as I walk around to stand beside her.

“I want to” I smile kindly.

“Fine, could you mix the pancake batter while I cook the bacon and eggs?” Gemma instructs passing me a bowl.

“Sure” I nod grabbing the batter she’d already begun mixing and continued the job.

“So you and Harry made it official huh?” She smirks as she pours eggs into the frying pan.

“Yeah you were there” I laugh a little.

 “Are you happy?” Gemma asks as I begin pouring pancake batter into Gemma’s small pancake pan.

“Yeah really happy, of course I’m upset too because I know soon I’ll have lost my sister” I sigh watching the batter heat in the pan.

“Yeah but I guess you’ve got to decided what means the most to you, and from what I’ve heard your family don’t treat you all that well, Grace included” Gemma says adding some bacon to a frying pan.

“But she’s the closest thing I’ve got to a sister” I sigh.

“Nah, you’ve got me now, if things work out between you and Harry we would actually be sisters” Gemma smiles giving me pat on the shoulder.

“Yeah I guess we would” I grin back.

Eventually Gemma and I finish cooking breakfast and lay it all out along the dining room table.

“We like to do big breakfasts on birthdays, it’s a little more special than typical toast and cereal isn’t it” Gemma tells me laughing a little.

“Lets go tell everyone its ready then” She smiles leading me through into the living room where everyone else is already seated wearing their pyjamas.

Harry’s wearing a pair of joggers and a t-shirt, Grace is wearing a full pyjama set and Anne is as well.

Alan is dressed in proper matching button up pyjamas while Niall wears a pair or checked pyjama pants with a t-shirt. The children are dressed in onesies.

“Seriously are you trying to kill me” Harry murmurs into my ear as he walks past me.

“What?” I laugh turning on my heel to follow him into the kitchen.

“Dressed like that, fuck you don’t even realise how much I want you right now” he sighs gently running a hand over my back before walking away from me, probably to calm himself down.

We all eat our breakfast before singing happy birthday to max and giving him his birthday cake.

 Afterwards we move into the living room and give out his presents, he loves everything he’s given and thanks us all individually with meaningful hugs and kisses.

Once we’ve watch Max play with his toys and gifts for a little while it’s time to get ready for his actual birthday party.

He’s going bowling and then we’ll go out for another meal afterwards.

My outfit needs to be pretty casual though as we’re going bowling so I wear a pair of ripped skinny black jeans with a baggy tartan shirt and a pair of chunky heeled boots.

My hair is styled into messy curls and my makeup is left looking pretty casual and laid back.

The entire day is spent bonding with Harry’s family and barely spending any time with Harry himself, although I suppose that’s a good thing because then we don’t have to hide our affection towards one another.

Harry’s poem

All I want is you

Love runs deep

In my veins

Soft pale skin marked only by my touch

All I want is you


Authors note —— thank you all so much for reading. love you all tonnes. 

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thanks again! Love you millions, Molly xxx

Anonymous: Your not posting today?

I had the chapter pretty much finished but then something pretty devastating happened and I just couldn’t finish it. I promise it’ll be up tomorrow tough I only have a little bit more to write and then just editing. I am so sorry but I cant control what happens in my personal life :( xx