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Always Alone - Chapter sixty six

Chapter sixty six


She was like the summer,

She brought me light, warmth and happiness.

The second she left I was alone,

Cold and dark.

The time I had with her it was amazing,

Full of memories and smiles.

Maybe she’ll come back?

Maybe we’ll be together again?

Just like the summer.

The words I want to say,

My lips will not allow.

The thoughts and feelings are within my brain,

And that’s where they remain.

I want to tell her I love her,

I want to scream it from the rooftops.

How can something that feels so right seem so wrong?

How can the love of my life suddenly be gone?

I need her back,

Back in my arms is where she’ll stay.

All I can do is hope and pray,

That one day she’ll be home.

With every page I turn another beautiful poem is revealed, they’re captivating and they’re real.

They have the power to control emotions and make you feel things.

Its almost as if all these poems are written for you, the reader.

It’s almost as if you’re part of this tragic loss of love,

Part of what was once a perfect and beautiful relationship.

I spend hours until the sun rises reading the manuscript.

When I reach the end there’s an author’s note.

I never met anyone quite like her and I know I never will again.

She’s the only one for me and always will be.

I don’t know if we’ll find our way back to one another,

But that’s not the important part.

I had this time with her, amazing but brief.

I’ll be eternally grateful for that.

My love for her has yet to die, and I hope it stays this way.

Maybe in time we’ll be together again.

But no matter what my memories and love for her are here to stay.


When we recive manuscripts we have no actual information on the author until we’ve read it, that way we can’t judge a book by its cover so to speak.

Inside the envelope is a small piece of paper with the author’s details so we can check at the end, in order to contact the author etc. although I suppose people could cheat and look at this information before reading the manuscript.

I unfold the piece of paper and look at the information.

Manuscript number: 356825

Category – POETRY





For a moment I wonder if I’m imagining things due to lack of sleep but after blinking several times its clear what I’m seeing is correct.

This book has being written by a Mr Harry Styles.

A Harry Styles that lives in England, Manchester.

I could try and convince myself that it’s someone else, not my Harry.

My Harry? That sounds stupid.

But the facts add up.

Harry said he used to write poetry, he also told me I’d inspired him to begin writing again.

Apparently his family have being encouraging him to publish his work for years.

Is this entire book about me?

I flick through the pages once again, looking for something, anything. To prove or disprove my idea.

We had it all mapped out,

Our future and our dreams.

But they were shattered in an instant.

My life has changed for ever as has hers.

I’m having a child.

A child that’s not hers.

New York,

The city of life.

That’s where she’s gone,

I head she’s seeing someone.

Doesn’t she know?

Doesn’t she care?

My love is with you.

Never her.

It adds up, as much as I hate to admit it, it really does.

I’m not sure what to do, what to think and how to react.

I’ve never being good at expressing how I feel about people, it seems to be a family trait I’ve managed to inherit despite being adopted.

This book is full of Harry’s feelings, it’s expressing them in the most amazing and perfect way.

This is all such a shock.

I continue re-reading all the poems until the sun has fully risen and Louis is awake.

“Morning beautiful” He grins as he enters the kitchen wearing nothing but a pair of boxers.

“Morning” I mumble shoving the manuscript into my bag.

“What’s that?” Louis asks as he pours himself a bowl of cereal.

“Umm just work stuff” I shrug casually.

“Ah right, want some breakfast?” Louis smiles opening the cupboard to get another bowl out.

“No thanks, I really should be going” I say heading back into the bedroom to put last night’s clothes back on.

“Oh are you sure?” Louis calls after me his voice sounding slightly disappointed.

“Yeah I have to be at work in an hour, I’ve just texted Simon to take me home to change. God I’m going to look a right mess” I shout back.

Once I walk back into the living room Louis walks straight over to me.

“You’ll look beautiful, you always do. Have a great day love, maybe we could go for dinner tonight after work?” He says kissing my forehead.

“Thank you, yeah that sounds like a lovely idea” I say cupping his cheek and kissing his lips lightly.

“Great!                 I’ll swing by your room around 7.30” Louis grins as he opens the door for me.

“Yep, bye then” I wave before dashing down the stairs and into the waiting car.

The second Simon pulls up outside the hotel I jump out of the car and rush into the building.

I change into a pair of printed tapered trousers and loose white chiffon shirt. I run some texture product through my hair giving me the ultimate shabby chic look.

I apply some light makeup and chuck on a pair of nude heels.

I grab my work bag with the manuscript still inside and dash back out into the car.


“Morning Alisa” Alex greets me as I walk into my office.

“Morning” I say setting my bag onto my desk.

“Did you look at that manuscript?” He asks.

“Umm yes I did actually” I smile.

“And what did you think? Do you want us to work with this author?” Alex asks.

“Yeah, I thought I was really nice and unique. It had that personal touch, I think it could be quite successful. So yeah send the manuscript down to the PR department they’ll contact the author and begin making arrangements with him” I explain.

“Ok, do you have the manuscript?” Alex asks.

“Yes here” I reply grabbing the envelope from my bag and handing it to him.

“Great. I’ll get right on it” He smiles.

“Oh Alex, could you maybe grab me a coffee?” I ask.

“Yeah of course Alisa” He smiles sweetly before leaving the office.

I reply to a few emails before writing out a company information email explaining a new change I’m adding.

I want every book that’s ready to be published to be given to me first to check and make sure we actually want to go through with the deal.

Then I grab my phone from my bag and before I even realise what I’m doing I’m typing out a text.


Maybe you could call me sometime? Would be nice to check in on you and Ivy x

Harry’s poem.

With every day that passes,

My feeling never change.

It fact the list just grows and grows,

My love for you remains.

The reasons why I love you,

They do not seem to end.


Authors note —— Thank you all so much for reading, lots of love. 

All poems in this chapter are MINE  I just didn’t sign the (M.M) so as to fit in with the chapter and them meant to be in the book. 

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Going to try and write tomorrow as I’m free in the morning but busy in the afternoon. If I don’t get it finished then k deffo will on Wednesday as I’m free all day (unless work ask me to come in which they shouldn’t)
So I might update tomorrow if not then deffo Wednesday xxxx

Always Alone - Chapter sixty five


Chapter sixty five


“So you really think I’m going to be up to this role?” Alex asks as he stands from his seat across from me.

“Yeah, honestly it’s not that hard. You’ll do great” I reply with a light laugh.

“Ok well thank you so much for the opportunity” He mumbles as he fiddles with his tie.

“More than welcome” I nod before seeing Alex out of my office and leaving him in his own office.

I pace back over to the desk turning to look out at the city through the large window, I always find it so fascinating how on the streets below are so many people, with so many problems and things happing in their lives. These things are so significant to them but yet we have no clue.

I check through some emails and then begin making my way around the entire building catching up with people and really involving myself in the work going on.

I feel now I’m acting manager I need to be much more aware and involved.

I want to seem approachable and friendly to the workers too.

The day passes rather quickly and by 5.30 I’m ready to leave. I have a gym bag with me as I’m heading over for my induction right now.

“I’ll see you in the morning Alex” I say passing by his office before I leave.

“Yeah sure. Oh there’s a manuscript here for you” Alex says grabbing the filled envelope and holding it out towards me.

“What do you mean? It needs to go to someone in the reading department” I inform him.

“No, I know. Look apparently its really important that you read this personally. I don’t know why that’s all I’ve being told” Alex shrugs still holding the envelope towards me.

“Um fine, I’ll take it with me. I’ll try and read some later tonight or something” I sigh taking the envelope and dropping it into my handbag.

“See you tomorrow Alisa” Alex waves.

“Bye Alex” I say with a smirk and a wave.

Simon is waiting the the car for me when I leave the building and drives me straight to they gym.

“Hi can I help?” The receptionist asks when I enter the building.

“Hi, yes I’m Alisa Pearson. I have an induction booked” I smile.

The receptionist types on her computer before looking back up at me with a smile.

“Ah yes, well first you need to sign some forms and have a membership card made” She informs me as she stands from her seat and grabs some forms from a nearby filing cabinet.

After about fifteen minutes of signing health and safety forms, terms and conditions and filling out my bank information for the payments I’m almost ready to actually begin the induction.

“We’ll take your photo now and then you can begin the induction. The photo will be on your finished membership card by the time you leave so you can collect it from me on your way out” She smiles before grabbing her camera.

Once I’ve had my photo took, which I’m pretty sure my eyes were closed for, I go into the changing rooms and change into a pair of shorts, a sports bra and a vest top.

I pull my hair up into a tight and slicked back pony tail and make sure to reapply my deodorant to make I smell as little as possible.

The personal trainer named Zack shows me how to use all the equipment safely and in the most beneficial way. He leaves me for the last half hour of my session to do whatever I please.

I choose to run on the treadmill.

I used to run years ago when I was a teenager still at school.

I used to do cross country races and everything.

I enjoyed the way running cleared my head and made me focus on nothing but running.

I’d get lost in the upbeat music and the movements that matched the beats.

When running it’s easy to forget all you’re problems, issues and worries.

It’s almost like you’re running away from them.

Which probably isn’t the best solution, well no professional would recommend running from problems.

By the time I’m finished I feel uplifted and slightly free.

The energy is still pulsing through my veins.

I collect my card from the receptionist and wave goodbye in hyper and energetic manner.

Simon makes a comment about how happy and carefree I seem.

That’s exactly how I feel.

Nothing seems important and my head feels empty, this is good I suppose.

In my uplifted mood I ask Simon to take me to Louis’ instead of the hotel.

He seems pleasantly surprised when he opens the door to see me.

“Alisa, wow I wasn’t expecting you” He grins opening his arms for me.

“Yeah well I finished at the gym and I feel so great. I thought I’d stop by” I say happily.

“I can see that babe” He grins kissing my lips gently.

Louis’ hands run down my back cupping my bum roughly before encouraging me to jump up and wrap my legs around his back.

Our kisses continue and my fingers get lost within his hair, his stubble grazes my face as our lips move in sync.

Louis lays me down on the sofa placing kisses over my chest as he removes my vest top and sports bra.

The heat within me begins to build up and a few soft moans fall from my lips.

By the time we’re finished I’m a sweaty and panting mess, the energy I had is now drained and the feelings and memories are beginning to flow back through my mind.

We make our way to the bedroom and within five minutes Louis is fast asleep, snoring softly. I hate it when people snore.

The minutes turn into hours and I’m still yet to fall asleep, I feel like I’m falling back into old habits of not being able to sleep.

I thought that was something I’d have gotten over, especially with Louis laid beside me his hands around my waist holding me close. Making sure I wasn’t alone.

Annoyed with myself for not being able to sleep I move Louis arms from my body and climb out of bed, Louis rolls over due to loss of contact grumbling a little but not actually awakening.

I pace into the kitchen and grab a bottle of cold water from the fridge.

My eyes fall onto my bag noticing the envelope Alex had given me poking out.

I might as well do some reading if I can’t sleep.

I grab the envelope and sit at the kitchen counter opening it up to see the manuscript.

Harry’s poem

I watch her sleeping much like I watched you.

I kiss her forehead much like I kissed you.

I love her much like I love you.

My love for her is different.

She’s my own flesh and blood,

My daughter.

You, you’re my soul mate.

I never believed in such things until I met you.

Until you reeled me in with pure beauty both inside and out.

My hearts never left you, not since the day by the lake.

That’s when I knew you were a part of me.

A much better part.


 Authors note —- Thank you all so much for reading, I love you so so much. 

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Sorry its late and a bit short but well things came up and it’s only short because this is the best cut off point trust me. 

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1st birthday!

I just got an email from tumblr saying this blog turned one today.
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